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  December 2019  
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Weimar City Council Meetings
4:00 PM
City Council Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of each month at City Hall, at 4:00 pm. All City Council Agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the bulletin board outside the main entrance door at City Hall. Notices which must be advertised are published in the Official City Paper.

Weimar City Council:
Milton R. Koller Mayor May 2020
Becky Roberts Councilwoman, Place 1 May 2019
Ronell Wilson Councilman, Place 2 May 2020
Roy Ulrich Councilman, Place 3 May 2019
Kevin Janecka Councilman, Place 4 May 2020
Alex Seydler Councilman, Place 5 May 2019


Alcoholics Anonymous
8:00 PM
Meets every Saturday at the Methodist Scout Hut.


Alcoholics Anonymous
8:00 PM
Meets every Saturday at the Methodist Scout Hut.
St. Michael's Catholic School

A  pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade school located in Weimar, Texas, is part of the larger Catholic Diocese of Victoria.  Founded in the summer of 1889 and served by two Sisters of Divine Providence, this public school had an enrollment of sixty students.  In 1914, after problems arose with nuns teaching in the public school, the school reopened as St. Michael Parochial School under the direction of three sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament.  In 1919, because of a steady enrollment increase resulting in up to 200 students, a two-story building with four classrooms downstairs and an auditorium/gym upstairs, was erected.  Today, this 86-year-old landmark proudly sits next to a modern brick building across the football field from the new gym and cafeteria.   While St. Michael’s buildings represent the old and the new, the philosophy and curriculum of the school are different from most schools in the area because of the school’s goal to return to the basic values that, in the past, have made students great leaders in the Church and in the local and world communities.

Under the direction of the sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament and devoted lay teachers, students set goals to achieve their highest potential.  The school takes pride in its back-to-basics philosophy over more modern curriculum trends and promotes the tried and true fundamental elements of manners, respect, responsibility, friendliness and Christlike behavior.  St. Michael School stresses solid basic skills that are taught in conjunction with highly technological computer skills.  Computers are available in every classroom, and two twelve-unit mobile laptop labs as well as a twenty-four-station computer room make the latest technology accessible to every student.

The success of this philosophy is evident in St. Michael School graduates who, although they make up only about one-fourth of the local public high school enrollment, consistently comprise a high percentage of the top ten honor students of the senior class.  In fact, in the past four years, 75% of the valedictorians and salutatorians of Weimar High School have been from St. Michael School.

St. Michael School students also have achieved top honors in the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) competition held yearly since the spring of 1998.  Being a Charter member of PSIA, St. Michael students have become a force to contend with at state meets.  During these meets, not only have these country children been exposed to three junior colleges, they have participated at the state level at three major universities.  Besides claiming the coveted state championship in 2001 in the Junior High division, St. Michael students have won five other second- or third-place state trophies, which attests to the fact that their basic curriculum firmly grounds them in the knowledge needed for life and success. 

In addition to scholastic accomplishments, every eighth grader anticipates the annual trip to our nation’s capital.  Hundreds of St. Michael students and their parents have visited Washington, D.C., through the school program.

St. Michael School is blessed to have the generous backing of not only the students, parents, teachers, and pastor, but also of the local parishioners, banks, businesses, foundations, volunteers, alumni, and the community at large, who generously support the school and its programs.

An important emphasis for every child at St. Michael School is to exhibit the qualities listed in the Mission Statement: To be friendly, respectful, responsible, and Christlike.  Is St. Michael School old-fashioned or innovative?  Spiritually and academically challenging, solid as a rock, grounded in truth and basic values, and technologically advanced, St. Michael’s students can and will continue to serve the Church and the world.

For more information please visit the school's website at